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Over My Head is a brand that represents those of us who live a lifestyle where we conceal ourselves in privacy and value honesty and loyalty over most things. We can be solo in a room full of strangers but yet still be at our best and most comfortable because we know it's not what's on us that matters, it's what's in us. We are the deep thinkers and go getters of the world, we set our goals high, nothing to us is impossible, and when we lock in with our minds to something, we pursue that something with relentless ambition that others may deem obsessive, but to us, it's not only normal, but this is the way. 


We (those of us who fit the Who We Are description above) where all not born this way even though it may seem that way to others and sometimes even to ourselves. Everyday to us is a fresh start, and who we are today is because of life's trials and tribulations we had to overcome, all the hurdles that had to be leaped, all the fights that had to be fought. Even in defeat, are heads are high because we've become wiser, that defeat has now became a lesson used as an opportunity to learn, and knowledge is one of our cravings. 


To put this whole "About Us" in simpler terms, we Family are the Blessed and Highly Favored, so rather you're struggling with something, or simply want to celebrate a victory no matter the size, look up, point your finger to the sky, and celebrate with the people who instilled in you the morals, values, ambition, and drive you possess today. Did you make points for the team, did you get a new position, are you working out to achieve good health, did you have a victory or even a loss? Celebrate all things by paying homage to all the Mothers, Fathers, Sister, Brothers, Pets, Friends and Family that you know are watching over you from above because although they may be gone, they are never forgotten nor will they ever be. As you point to the sky, feel them, let your memories constantly playback in your head as you smile, as you laugh out loud, as you cry tears of joy and also those of pain.


In life, we start, and we end as Family, so World class service to you (Family) is very important to us and we are happy to be on this journey of life with you. We try to stay on top of emails, calls and website inquiries. We appreciate your suggestions so please do not hesitate to share any that you may have that will contribute to the continuing effort to grow and evolve this brand.  

This brand is for you if you truly feel that someone or something above, "Over Your Head' gives you the strength to keep going, pushes you mentally, gives you the guidance when lost, and that is always with you so your truly never alone so that no matter the situation you find yourself in, your comfortable either way.

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